Rates & Fees


Individual Therapy Intake (85 minutes) - $200

Individual Therapy (50 minutes) - $150

Loved One & Support System Consultation (50 minutes) - $150

Gender-Affirming Assessment & Referral Letter (60 minutes) - No cost to the client, however we can bill insurance if desired.

Individual Professional Peer Consultation (60 minutes) - $100
Group Professional Peer Consultation (60 minutes) - $300

Payment Options

For those choosing to privately pay or those without insurance, Healing Village accepts debit/credit cards and HSA/FSA cards.

Reduced Rates

Provider rates are based on a number of factors. These include provider education, training, lived experience, expertise, and geographic location. 

Abbie understands that not everyone can afford the full fee rate. Particularly, as some of the communities Abbie serves are often under- and unemployed. Abbie offers limited reduced fee spots for clients with financial need, based on a tiered system, where individuals paying the full fee rate support reduced fee availability (see image below).
Reduced fee tiers are offered based on availability and ongoing availability is not guaranteed.

Abbie also offers reduced-fee services through the Open Path Collective, when available.

Reduced Rate Calculator & Cost Estimator Tool

Abbie uses a calculator, which considers income and household size to determine a suggested rate (when such rates are available). If you - like Abbie - sees therapy as an investment in yourself, only you can determine how much you can afford to invest and how highly you value Abbie's services. You can also use this calculator to see the estimated annual cost of therapy.