Are you seeking an affirming provider? Are you looking for a specific type of therapy?

Do you want to build your clinical skills? Is it a goal to best support your employees? Are there opportunities for process efficiency in your business?

Healing Village offers the following services in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Individual Therapy: Spending time 1-on-1 with a therapist who will work with you to guide you through solving whatever may be holding you back from being the most true and authentic version of you. This may be anxiety, shame, trauma, or grief and loss. You may wish to explore the facets of your identity including sexuality, gender, relationship structure, race, sexual desires, or the intersections of these pieces of your identity. Session time is divided between sharing your experiences, problem-solving, and holding space for the challenges you experience. 

 Healing Village is not currently accepting new clients for Individual Therapy

Gender-Affirming Assessments & Referral Letters: All services at Healing Village are gender-affirming. This particular service provides transgender and gender diverse knowledgeable assessment and referral letters for gender-affirming medical treatments such as hormone therapy or surgery. Most assessments can be completed in a single session. I will complete the assessment in as few sessions as possible, and there is no minimum requirement of sessions. As a participant in the Gender Affirmative Letter Access Project Movement (GALAP), I am committed to no-cost and high quality referral letters in order to increase accessibility to gender-affirming medical care. I offer all assessment sessions and referral letters at no cost to the client. 

Therapist Note: I support and endorse the Informed Consent Model of care for transgender and gender diverse individuals. I approach assessment NOT as someone to stand in between you and your medical transition (if so desired), but rather as a guide who can ensure you've considered all potential implications in order to improve your outcome, experience, or result. You DO NOT ever need to prove your gender to me - I believe you and trust that you are the expert of your own lived experience. I am not a physician and encourage clients to consult their doctor regarding medical questions.

Loved One & Support Network Consultation and Education: For significant others, family, friends, coworkers, and other important people in the lives of trans and gender diverse individuals, I offer consultation and psychoeducation, providing tools, information, and ways to best support and cherish your loved one. Please note, this is not therapy. 

Mental Health Colleague Training & Consultation: I offer individualized training and consultation in both 1:1 and group settings. The following topics are some examples.

Community DEI Training, Consultation, & Speaking: I offer professional trainings, consultation, and speaking engagements from the perspective of a healthcare professional of lived experience. Audiences may include corporate executives, human resources professionals, healthcare management, school officials and teachers, community members, professional organizations, political caucuses, and religious congregations. Engagements may include one-on-one, panel, or large group events. Potential topics may include practical tools to improve inclusivity, navigating policies and procedures, providing input about legislative impact, and many more.  To schedule a discovery call, complete the Services Interest form on the Contact page.